MASTERCLASS STARTS on wednesday, July 20th 2pm PT / 5PM ET / 10pm Dublin.

Ailish Masterclass


Renaissance Woman


Are you ready to make your life a Masterpiece?  When you finally pull back the curtains and reveal how you have worked with the gift of your life, what will you show?  This masterclass is designed to help you line up your inner world with your outer dreams.  Purpose, Passion and Alignment.  I will show you how to create a Life Mission & Vision that will energise your Dreams in to Action.

Wednesday, July 20th 2 Noon PT / 5PM ET / 10PM Dublin.

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This masterclass will help you to...

  • Understand Purpose & Passion
  • Understanding the Major life lessons and how they work with your purpose
  • Develop Your Life Mission and Vision
  • Identify the One Key thing you need to do each day in order to reach your main goal

a new way of being in the world


This masterclass will bring you closer living your Dream Life...

What you will learn in this masterclass

Ailish Coach

how to identify the primary energy you are working from

I will show you how I scan my inner mix to determine where my mix is and how I recognize signs to correct it.  I am going to break down step by step what I have learned when it comes to keeping my energy in balance and what that means for my focus and manifestation.

When I balance my male and female energy - innerwork and outer action - transformation unfolds


The Good news is that You are the Answer

The Other news is that the transformation takes place from the inside out.

Once you start to Align yourself with who you really are the change unfolds naturally.  I will break down the Transformation that has taken place for me and how I can now show up as who I truly am.

The Tools Ailish


When you finally get clear on our purpose, your confidence will naturally grow.  You will grow from being spread too thin to using your superpowers of multitasking and surviving to focus and thriving.

You will still be the Goddess that you are, but you will be harnessing more queen energy and balancing the masculine and feminine inside you so that you are on purpose, on task and aligned.

I Am Ailish


Hey There -
I am Ailish Keating

I am a transformation coach and Mentor and I help female entrepreneurs transform their lives through heart centred transformation

Just about 2 years ago I found myself looking at a terminal health condition with 2-6 months to live. I had prepared some things but not others.  As a single parent, I had always been working to get ahead. But my plans got thrown out the window. Lucky for me I survived.  But, my savings were used up, I had to sell my properties, and I had to completely rebuild and recreate my life - like I was starting over.

What I realized was that I had been given a second chance.  A chance to do things differently, A chance to align my energy with who I really am and show up as the most real authentic soul-aligned version of my self available to me at this moment.  It feels amazing and I would like to show you the steps I took to get there.


”My dreams are coming true much faster than I thought possible.”

I would highly recommend joining the Manifest Your Vision Course. Ailish is a fountain of knowledge and the course is jam packed with ways to improve your life. To me it's like finding the secret to living my best and fullest life.

With commitment and belief in our own abilities to manifest we can create the life of our dreams. Ailish does so much work to create meditations that will support us on that journey. She shares complex ideas in a way that is so easy to understand.  I'm already receiving abundance in to my life on a personal level. My dreams are coming true much faster than I thought possible.

Maeve, Ireland

”Amazing visualisations open up all sorts of avenues.”

What a refreshing and renewing experience I have had  these past 40days!! A friend recommended it and on that basis I signed up impetuously and I am so glad I did it!!!! It has made a big impression on me and even bigger impact on many levels.  
Amazing visualisations open up all sorts of avenues and some not even dreamt of being achievable. The meditations are very powerful.  Also the group had live weekly Q&A's with Ailish giving of her immense knowledge and training loads of talks that helped me to make the most of this  time. It has been a fab new experience and time well invested and realigns one...and much more. Thank you Ailish!

BA Spain

Renaissance women

Design A Life That You Love

Wednesday, July 20th 2 noon PT / 5PM ET / 10pm Dublin.

Save your spot now!

Join me in this Masterclass - You will be GLAD you did!

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